Mixed media, tangible and interactive installation. Artificial flesh and 3D virtual world.
Silicone casting, circuit prototype, full stack development, WebXR, GLSL shaders
Ninon Lizé Masclef, Syd Reynal
PHITECO, Teatri del Suono Festival
Conférence Drôles d'objets 2023. Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France, 15-17 Mai 2023. Sylvain Reynal and Ninon Lizé Masclef. (2023). Wunderblock : médier la présence par le tangible. In Proceedings of 'Drôles d’objets, un nouvel art de faire' Symposium. Nancy, France. Ninon Lizé Masclef, Sylvain Reynal. (2022). Être ensemble les médiations techniques de la présence. Seminar PHITECO (Philosophy Technology Cognition), University of Technology of Compiègne.
tangible interface, telepresence, teleabsence, 3D, VR, embodiment
"every visible is cut out in the tangible"
The Visible and the Invisible. 1968. M. Merleau-Ponty
Wunderblock is a reflection on telepresence and the ambivalence that is carried through the presence-absence, virtual-embodiement, simultaneity-latency oppositions.  Wunderblock mediates the touch by relying on a state of tension between organic traces embedded in the material of a tactile sensor and digital traces reincarnated in the flesh of the virtual world. As it breaks the simultaneity traditionally at work in real-time human-machine interfaces, Wunderblock opens up the power of the après-coup. From traces on the walls of Lascaux to the prophylaxis of the Metaverse, this installation thus investigates the multiplicity of modes of collective presence and the variety of forms of memories that materialize there. The installation is made of a multiplexed matrix of pressure sensors and led strips embedded in several silicone layers and a VR application that is deployed temporarily to the audience.
My talk on digital traces and telepresence-teleabsence at PHITECO (Philosophy, Technology, Cognition) Symposium 2022