Emotion recognition models from biosignals for ultra-personalized Music Recommender System.
Features extraction (EEG, EDA, ECG), ERP analysis, emotion classifier (SVM)
- Brut
brain-computer interface, affective computing, ML, neurosciences, music information retrieval, recommender systems, research
Orfey, the symbiosis between intuitive neurotechnology and emotion. Let yourself be transported into an immersive sound universe.
Currently, I am Research Scientist within the neurotech start-up ONTBO. The main project I am working on is Orfey, a pair of headphones with embedded electrodes, which is aimed at adapting music recommendations to the mood of individuals. Eventually, we are considering supporting our system on a smartwatch so as to provide various solutions for biosignal-based Music Recommender Systems. Precisely, I am developing models for emotion recognition and personality traits inference from EEG, ECG and EDA signal. I am working jointly with Athénaïs Oslati (CEO) and Stéphane Aubry (CTO) to develop this product.

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