A brain-computer interface to generate music with the mind.
Hardware hacking, Max/MSP programming
brain-computer interface, music generation, hacking
What if one could compose music directly with his brain ? Imagine being able to modulate sound with mindfulness, and make live performance that look like meditation retreat or brain jams... Let's open the field of possibilities !
Video feedback, as a metaphor of the mind.
from the book I am a strange loop by Douglas Hofstadter.

I created "I am a strange loop", a brain-computer interface that can be used either as a creative tool or for therapeutic purposes. The name "I am a strange loop" refers to the eponymous book from the cognitive scientist Douglas Hoftstadter, who defines the self as a strange loop, an epiphenomenon which emerges from a self-refering system, a logical paradox. A metaphor D. Hoftstadter uses to depict the self is a video feedback, when a camera is pointed at its own playback video monitor. With the EEG-controlled music, I am precisely trying to create a feedback loop by showing the mind itself. In the modulation process, individuals become conscious of their own mind, and could possibly highlight emotional states that structure the topology of the self.